Zoe Oasis Fellowship


Team is a vocational training institution organized by the church for two purposes:

 -To train the members and other believers that they may become useful and reproductive citizens, supporting themselves, the church  and the nation.

-To set up medical, agricultural,educational and transport centers for the empowerment of the church economically.

What we need is funds to pay the instructors' salaries and to purchase some materials.

This ministry will be a help to the church and the nation because every thing has been broken down and we have to rebuild the nation.



Dear Saints;

We write to acquaint you with our problems for your study and  for your Godly  consideration.

Proposal : Sustainable Agriculture Development Project

The civil upheavol that engulfed Liberia for seven unbroken years left its brunts in all departments of human endeavour. Lots of people were left homeless and many more trod around the globe with refugee status. Indeed, attention was diverted from agriculture which has therefore, created a crippling situation. Many do not even know where their next meal would come from, while others are really starving and wallowing in abject poverty. 

The Church of the Holy Ghost has among its membership many who fall under the above mentioned categories. To sustain them has seriously been the problem of this church. Though the church manages to help them both in cash and kind,  the current realities does not leave room to contain the situation. It is indeed a pathetic situation to see some of our members going without fitting clothings and lack the basic necessities of life.

Consequently, the Church has decided to embark upon an agriculture project to help sustain not oonly our members but also other vulnerable members within our communities. 40 acres of land has been acquired for the purpose of planting rice, cassava and quick-yieling vegetables. Church members would help in clearing  of the area. Unfortunately, our financial standing does not permit us to get the project going. Having heard of your humanitarian gestures in these directions, we are left with no other alternative than to run into your arms for assistance.

In view of the neds of this church to get the project going, we shall be grateful if you could asisst the church with the following items:

-14 wheel barrows

-30 waater spraying cans

-50 assorted pairs of rain boots

-24 shovels

-100 pieces of  cutlasses

-40 diggers

-rice seeds, okra seeds, bitterball seds, cassava sticks,etc.

-provision either in cash or kind to help sustain vulnerable members to fed, shelter, drugs and clothings.

It is our dire hope that this communication to you whall attract your sober reflection and  response at your earliest possible time, since the planting season shall soon commence.

We pray that in Jesus' name we may overcome.

In His Name,

Bishop James M. Tue, Sr



    Bishop James M. Tue, Sr. was anointed to build Churches throughout Liberia and outside Liberia in 1983.  As a result of this, he established a home Bible study for youth and adults in 1983.  On the 1st of January’ 1984, the Church of the Holy Ghost was established.  Prior to the Liberia Civil War, the Church was 25 branches within Liberia.  As a result of the War, the Church now has only 18 branches within Liberia.  The Church is depending on tithes and offerings, paid by its members, to operate.


    This Church is to glorify God by offering priseds to him and by doing good to all people.  Galatians 6:5-10; Matthew 9:16; Psalms 30:25.


    We believe Holy Spirit baptism is for all believers. Galatians 3:1-5, 13-14; Acts 2:38-39; Matthew 3:11.


    Children’s Ministries; General relief services; Spiritual, economic and educational empowerment program.


    To build churches through preaching, teaching and baptizing.



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