I went to work at International Harvester Company, a truck manufacturer, November 16, 1970. I married my high school sweetheart, Vicky, August 21, 1971. I retired from International as of January 1, 2004 with 33 years seniority. My wife, Vicky, and I have two daughters, Kelly and Kara. Kelly and her husband, Scott Lynch has one daughter, Haley Elizabeth, our first grandchild.

   I began to experiment with drugs when I was about 28, specifically marijuana.  Every one I worked with smoked it and they taught me how to buy it, how to roll it, how to smoke it and even and how to sell it as well. I enjoyed getting high and I didnít want to quit, not even after I got caught selling it in 1979. I almost lost my family because of drugs but I did it anyway. I asked God to forgive me and save me which He did in June, 1980.

   I went to church regularly and played guitar in the praise and worship team. Two years later I began experimenting with drugs again. I knew I was not supposed to but I allowed myself to get together with one of my old friends. It only took a small temptation to rake me right back into my old lifestyle. Now I was a born again Christian leading a double minded lifestyle. I struggled with the Cycle of Sin and my walk with God until He showed me, through the scriptures, how to finally break free from the bondage drugs had on my life. God showed me how to be an overcomer in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

   In 1998 I began teaching other people how they too could become an overcomer in Christ through Overcomers, Breaking the Cycle of Sin!


  Overcomers, Tremont City, Ohio


  Evangelist, Preacher, Teacher, Music Ministry


   Present-  Children's Church praise and worship, Word of Faith Family Church, Springfield, Ohio.
School Chaplain, Perrin Woods School for Public School Outreach for Christ, Springfield, Ohio.
Clark County Sherrif, Volunteer Chaplain.

   2004-      Youth Group teacher, First Pentecostal Church, Springfield, Ohio.
                 Overcomers, Libre House, Springfield, Ohio.


   Preaching, teaching, healing, music.


   God has a plan that can lead a person from a life of sin into a life filled with victory and abundant life.


   Apples of Gold, Ministry Training, Dayton, Ohio



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